The sign of the (other) New Year is back-to-school sales and all the tempting notebooks, stacks of paper, fresh pens, and especially crayons. This September I am sending my oldest to kindergarten and thinking about bettering this burgeoning practice. If you listen to podcasts, I commend the latest episode of Happier with Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft on capitalizing on Labor Day to think about your work goals for the “new year.” Some of mine are:

  • Continue to get feedback from my fantastic Legal Writing Group on my work product
  • Build my non-profit  practice by connecting to my various communities
  • Appearing in immigration court more regularly
  • Attending the Maryland Solo Summit in November to “talk shop” and expand business
  • Make my website fully accessible in English and Spanish
  • Integrate calls to action on each page of my website to generate new business

I would love to hear how you are thinking about your work this time of year. Have a lovely labor day weekend!

Photo credit: Ivy Finkenstadt. Display of school supplies at Wegmans.

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