Great Small Business Owners need Great Lawyers

Finkenstadt Law, LLC is a small business, too, so we understand the needs of a growing small business. Whether you are contemplating forming a business and need start-up advice or are established and want employer compliance or other legal support, Finkenstadt Law supports you. We offer affordable flat fee pricing for most small business needs, so you are not going to be paying down a black hole for legal services of questionable value to you. Protect what you are building with strong safeguards, great advice, and a lawyer a phone call away.

Non-Profit Representation

Do good and get great representation! Ms. Finkenstadt represents non-profits for formation, developing a board of directors, by-law creation, employment policy compliance, and Finkenstadt Law can be your outside counsel when you need a lawyer to assist you with new issues as they arise.

Workers’ Rights and Employment Law

Employers want to provide thriving, enjoyable workplaces, and employees want to be confident their rights as workers are protected. Ivy Finkenstadt has represented workers in unpaid wage claims, resulting in judgments and payments to workers for thousands of dollars. In addition, Ms. Finkenstadt has represented employees with discrimination and sexual harassment claims in navigating the challenging and complex administrative processes of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This makes Finkenstadt Law a great fit for employers looking to maintain legal compliance with local and federal laws and workers seeking advice have a place to turn, as well.